Ah, pepperoni. Is there a more quintessential pizza topping? (Go ahead, start your arguments). What better way to kick off our pizza section than with a review of the extremely satisfying Kirkland Signature Pepperoni Pizza. A classic thin crust topped with mozzarella and white cheddar, the balance of meat to cheese to sauce is just right. Eleven minutes at 425 in a convection oven turned out a spot-on pizza, done just right in the middle with just a hint of overcrisping of the cheese around the edges. Perfectly imperfect. 

In our extremely scientific test kitchen, splitting one whole pizza left us both satisfied but not stuffed, with him enjoying two Standard bottles, and her having one. Available in a 4-pack box, it's a great bang for you buck -- if you have the room in your freezer. According to our test results, one box would match up exactly with a 12 pack of 12 oz Standards. Your results may vary, so it could be wise to pick up a 4 pack of tallboy Standard cans just to be safe.